Care & Storage

A good cutter needs to be maintained ;)

Our products are made with love in traditional companies and meet the highest quality standards. With the right care, they will accompany you for a long time or even a lifetime. If possible, only use the scissors for the purpose for which they are designed. This keeps it sharp and cut-resistant for longer.


It is true that most scissors, especially those used in the kitchen, survive a short shower in the dishwasher. However, it is always better to gently clean them under warm running water with a little washing-up liquid. Make sure you do without the scouring pad. It causes unsightly scratches on your scissors and can reduce cutting performance. After the "shower" scissors need to be dried gently and thoroughly, even if they are made of rustproof material.


A little drop now and then Drip mineral care oil into the screw slot and between the blades to keep your scissors running smoothly. You can buy the ideal special oil here in a practical pipette bottle or easily add it to your order.


Always keep your cutter clean and dry. Even if the scissors are made of the best steel, we recommend storing them at normal room temperatures.


Scissors are finely tuned precision tools . If your scissors fall on the floor or bump into something, they can sometimes become warped. Don't worry: in such cases, it can be addressed by a professional. If your scissors lose their sharpness after a very long, intensive use, they can be sharpened by one of our master sharpeners. That is also possible if you did not buy them from us. You can find more information about scissors sharpening / repairing.