Scissors sharpening & repairing

Why always new when something good can be repaired?

In the shop we only sell quality scissors made of durable materials, stably constructed and masterfully manufactured. But as with any professional instrument that is used often and enjoyed, signs of wear and tear can develop over time.

Perhaps the scissors fell and warped? Perhaps it has encountered clippings that it was not intended for and now it no longer cuts sharply or it jams? That's why you don't have to part with your scissors immediately!

Because sustainability and customer care are important to us, we offer a grinding and repair service through the traditional company Weltmeister Stahlwaren. This option is possible for all models of scissors in the shop or for similar models.

The service includes regrinding, checking the screw connection and, if necessary, straightening the blades - for only €7.95 plus shipping costs.

And it's this easy:

  1. Order the sharpening and repair service for your scissors via the following shop link .
  2. Send us your scissors securely packaged by post, stating your name, to:
World champion steel goods Solingen
arrow street 43
42699 Solingen
  1. Real Solingen specialists sharpen your scissors, check the screw connection and carry out general maintenance
  2. You will receive your scissors freshly sharpened and serviced within a few days.