About Scharfescheren.de

I love sharp scissors.

When I talk about myself, I mean Deniz Zeybekler, the owner of Scharfescheren.de. Born and raised in Solingen, the city of blades, as the daughter of a scissor grinder and manufacturer, I was surrounded by cutlery from an early age. Scissors have always been part of family life.

As the son of a guest worker family, my father stayed behind alone in Germany at the age of 14 to complete his apprenticeship as a scissor grinder. This makes him one of the few master grinders who learned how to grind on the bench from scratch.

He has been producing high-quality scissors and straight razors in the family business for several decades. Everyone works hard, right down to the grandmother. And it was precisely in this environment that the idea for ScharfeScheren.de came about.

With this online shop I express my love for the Solingen scissor industry. My aim is to offer my customers the best scissors, straight razors & co. Always included free of charge: Service with a heart.

- Have fun on the page!

Yours, Deniz Zeybekler